Pathfinder Bank: Our Story Begins With You

Campaign Vision

Our Story Begins With You is not an ad campaign. It is not a tagline, print ad, or statement of intent. Our Story Begins With You, is a mantra. It is a mission.  

It is the unwavering commitment Pathfinder Bank is making to employees, stakeholders, clients, community and themselves, to never forget where they came from and where they are going. It is the uncompromising mission that an organization, business, and in Pathfinder’s case, a bank, can truly exist for the good of their community. 

In tandem with video, a range of digital and print design elements were created to support the mission of Our Story Begins With You. From Facebook header images to newspaper ads to ATM screens, the branded message of this campaign has been able to reach viewers in a number of different ways in their everyday lives. Expanding the presence of the campaign has been imperative to let them know that they can trust in Pathfinder Bank, with real stories serving as living proof of local success and connectedness.

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