SRC, Inc. Recruitment Campaign Case Study

SRC, Inc. Recruitment Campaign Case Study

SRC, Inc. is a not-for-profit research and development company that has been working to keep America and its allies safe for over 60 years. Their systems have helped to protect millions of Americans, both at home and overseas.

As part of a plan to grow their workforce, SRC needed a way to build their employer brand in new markets, attract some of our country’s brightest minds, and entice them to apply.



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The Challenge

In today’s job market over 73% of job seekers are considered passive job candidates. This means that a large portion of SRC’s talent pool wasn’t necessarily looking for a new job, but would consider one if the right opportunity came along. Beyond this, competition among companies is fierce in the race to hire top engineering talent.

With over 79% of job applicants utilizing social media in their job search, we needed to understand what made SRC unique and what value could we provide to their audience that would help SRC standout in the minds of potential recruits.


The Strategy

Taking into account our research and insights, Solon Quinn Studios structured a plan that would help work towards the future of SRC’s digital recruitment efforts.

The first step towards success was to help cultivate a unique employer brand to distinguish SRC from its competitors. From the beginning, we knew we wanted our content to prioritize the people of SRC. When building their employer brand we needed to acknowledge the amazing talent that already works at their organization. This would help give current employees a reason to engage online and provide potential recruits with unique content to show how much SRC cares about its people.

Beyond the theme of the content came a strategy to develop a consistent look and feel for the creative being used to represent SRC. This was achieved through high-quality imagery, consistent distribution, and a proprietary color scheme that was developed for their organization. The content that we produced helped to cultivate SRC’s unique employer brand, ensuring that when people saw their content, they had an immediate association with who was sharing it and what it represented.

SRC, Inc. – 2019 SuperBowl Ads

To further their recruitment efforts we created an advertisement to run on traditional broadcast and digital platforms, initially launching on TV during the Super Bowl.

To do this, we took a transparent visual approach capturing real photos of employees balanced against an engaging Voice Over that would capture the spirit of what drives them to show up each day and give it their all.

SRC, Inc. - Who Do You Want to Be?

During our discovery phase, we found that to recruit engineers from all over the country we needed to show that SRC had a lot more to offer than the “what” the job entails.

We took the direction of tapping into the dream and passion these engineers have to make a difference and, ultimately to have a career that is truly fulfilling by being a part of something greater.

Social Media Advertising

In addition to the continuous distribution and monitoring of organic content across various social platforms, came a detailed plan for paid social media advertising. This approach would help to ensure that SRC’s content was distributed to more targeted audiences utilizing geo-targeting, behavioral targeting, website retargeting, and a handful of other interest-based targeting methods. We then deployed more specific action-oriented ads that helped to drive potential recruits to continue learning more about the featured opportunities and incredible benefits that SRC has to offer.

From social media marketing to video production, graphic design, photography, copywriting, and more, this campaign worked to push the boundaries in defining an employer brand. This combined effort worked to lay the foundation for SRC and helped lead them to achieve influential employer growth in the digital space.


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