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New York Strong

New York Strong

The mission

During this extremely unique and challenging time, it is very easy for the masses, being inundated with worrying and concerning information, to feel overwhelmed and beaten down.

Now, more than ever is an opportunity to remind the public that we are in this together, supported on the foundation and bedrock that is New York State. That we were here yesterday, are here today, and will be here tomorrow – together. This is an extremely powerful message and a reminder that will help to build the overall morale of the people of New York, bringing us together, and setting a stake in the ground of optimism and hope for what the future holds for all of us.

From the Finger Lakes to the New York Yankees, the Adirondacks to Madison Square Garden. From first responders during one of our darkest hours to the farmers working to support our families – New York is the sum of many parts, all strong.

Using an extremely anthemic sound bed mixed with existing footage that captures the lives and energy that make up this strength, we can create a piece that not only shows but makes the people of New York feel together in solidarity for the hope of what’s to come.

About Us

Solon Quinn Studios is a creative marketing agency that specializes in helping brands and companies find success, overcome obstacles, and grow by shaping your message, raising your voice, and making an impact.

Voiceover Draft

NOTE - This is a temporary voice for review purposes only. It will be replaced with a professional actor's voice.

Work Samples

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Let's get started

Let's get started