Isir’s Somali Cuisine

Logo + Branding

Isir’s Somali Cuisine offers a taste of Somalia right in the heart of CNY. It is owned and operated by Isir Farah who is originally from Somalia and has spent a majority of her life in Syracuse. The menu offers a multitude of cultural foods, drinks, and platters for the whole family to enjoy.

In order to create an authentic logo that would resonate with her audience, we sat down with Isir to talk about some important aspects of Somali culture. We decided on working with the ideas and symbols listed below: 

  • Traditional African milk jug: used for preserving milk or water, and making yogurt
  • Somalian flag: definitive visual for the type of food being served, especially for a brand new restaurant 
  • Eating utensils: the shapes of the utensils were pulled from traditional African serving/cooking utensils
  • African striped scarf: traditionally worn by Somali women, also representing the bright bold colors that are prominent throughout the culture

In addition to the logo – menus, business cards, outdoor signage, and t-shirts were also created for Isir’s Somali Cuisine.

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