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Video Ad Campaigns

Our All-Inclusive Approach
From production to placement, our all-inclusive video marketing campaigns will transform the way you reach your customers online.

1. Creative Strategy

Let’s get to know each other and figure out a plan. Our team members will meet with you, lay out a series of concrete deliverables, and work on a timeline of deployment.

Get to know each other

Let's establish a meaningful relationship while learning about what you want to achieve.

Generate Ideas

Lean on us to help develop the ideas that will inspire your audience to take action.

Make a Plan

We'll begin to set goals and develop an effective plan that will transform the way you reach your customers.

2. Content Production

After we have designed the right plan, we get to work. Photoshoots and filming, sometimes in the studio, others on-location. This is where we make sure to cover every square inch of your campaign.


We'll handle finding locations, casting talent, hiring crew, determining what equipment is needed, and putting together your production plan.


Where creative minds and business goals meet – helping you create original content that stands out amongst your competition.


Never worry about having the right file again, we'll ensure your content reaches your audience the way it was intended.

3. Digital Distribution

Once the media has been created by our team, and approved by yours, we can begin the marketing process. Your content will be promoted to custom audiences in a variety of formats through various online channels.

Build your ads

Keeping your goals in mind, our marketing team works to build and deploy your uniquely-targeted ad campaign.

Reach your audience

We oversee the distribution of your campaign to ensure you're reaching the right audience and your ad dollars are being spent effectively.

See the results

We deliver easy to read reports so you can make sure your campaign is effective in achieving its goals.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

What Are the Benefits of a Video Campaign?

The average American spends 8 hours per day in front of a screen. They’re traveling through a customer journey that is increasingly non-linear, consuming content and purchasing products after several, or several hundred, relevant touch points. Reaching these customers with consistent messaging has become increasingly complex and time-consuming. That’s why we’ve developed an all-inclusive approach to managing the lifecycle of your digital campaign through video marketing.

Original Content

Authenticity is paramount when interacting with your customers. Unique content is the backbone of your campaign and we help create those moments specific to your business.

Engaged Customers

Your content is created, your story is told, now let us help you find your audience. Local or national, niche, or far-reaching we have the ability to properly target an audience that will be the most responsive to your campaign.

Content Flexibility

Our team will work carefully to monitor engagement and work with you to continually tweak delivery and content as needed for the highest level of success.

Cost Effective

We study the algorithms and utilize a variety of tools to ensure your digital campaign is reaching your customers at the right time via the most cost-effective platforms.

Digital Marketing Services

Some of the marketing services in our wheelhouse.

Brand Strategy

We’ll build a long-term plan that provides direction to the way you wish to be portrayed to your customers.

Paid Social Advertising

Showcasing your business or product through the use of sponsored social media content. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Creating tailored content for social media platforms in order to engage your audience and promote your business.


Developing the text or copy used in your marketing and promotional materials to inform or incite action by your audience.

Pay Per Click Ads

Reach the customers that are searching for your product or service. Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, Instream Ads, etc.

Analytical Reporting

Delivering easy to read reports that will help our teams make informed decisions around current and future marketing efforts.

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