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North Side Learning Center fosters learning and growth for the refugee and immigrant communities of Syracuse, both virtually and in-person. Full of after school programs, tutoring sessions, volunteer opportunities, and overall ease of transitioning to a new life, NSLC is a place where anyone from toddler to senior can learn something new. In addition to education, the learning center also aims to help these families meet other needs such as nutrition and medical assistance. 

Since the community is rich with different cultures and customs, most of which coming from a Islamic background, we wanted to combine some different visuals within the logo to be recognizable while remaining friendly, but more mature. 

  • Olive branch/vine: symbol of peace and a fresh start, the leaves of which also represent growth and progress. The growth direction of the vine is also pointing northeast towards the north star or Mecca, which was an important detail the learning center wanted to incorporate.
  • Prayer niche: the focal point and most important part of a mosque, which also faces towards Mecca. Full of ornate detail and beautiful hues, we pulled color inspiration from this as well.
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