North Side Learning Center

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North Side Learning Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping refugees and immigrant communities in Syracuse, New York. This learning center offers a variety of programs and resources, including after-school programs, tutoring sessions, volunteer opportunities, and access to nutrition and medical assistance. North Side Learning Center is a place where anyone, from toddlers to seniors, can come and learn something new.


Solon Quinn Studios had the privilege of working with North Side on their branding, specifically their logo design. Since the community is rich with multiple different cultures, we wanted to create a logo that would be recognizable while remaining friendly, but more mature. We worked closely with their team to understand the vision and goals for North Side, and provided them with a new logo that truly captures their mission. 


The first element we incorporated into the logo was an olive branch/vine which is a symbol of peace and a fresh start. The leaves of the olive branch also represent growth and progress. We chose this symbol because it aligns with North Side Learning Center’s mission to foster learning and growth in the community. Additionally, the growth direction of the vine is pointing northeast towards the north star or Mecca, which was an important detail the learning center wanted to incorporate. The use of the olive branch also adds a subtle touch of green, symbolizing nature and a sense of calmness and serenity.


The overall design is a beautiful combination of these two elements, creating a logo that represents the values and mission of North Side while also being visually appealing. The design is unique, recognizable, and has helped establish a strong brand identity for them within the community.


In addition to the logo, we also designed various marketing materials for NSLC, such as flyers, brochures, and social media graphics. These materials were designed to reflect the branding and messaging of North Side, creating a cohesive and unified brand identity.

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