SKS Orthodontics

Logo + Branding + Website Design

Formerly Calahan / CFSS and undergoing a total rebrand, SKS Orthodontics provides a wide range of orthodontic treatment options for all ages in Fayetteville, North Syracuse, and Fulton. Our team helped develop a fresh face for the company, while keeping in mind the legacy and years of recognition they’ve gained in CNY for orthodontic services. A direct mailer was also created to announce the rebrand, in addition to a series of digital ads and website redesign.



Some prominent concepts and thoughts we talked through with the client: 

  • A monogrammed letter or combination of letters that could be used by itself and also combined with the ‘SKS Orthodontics’ name, in addition to listing each of the current doctor’s names underneath so the new rebrand would still be recognizable to customers
  • Creating a new variation of the blue colors they traditionally worked with
  • Maintaining a friendly and welcoming aura while balancing a professionalism/simplicity about it, as their customers can range from teenagers to older adults



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